Semantic Multimedia Analysis and Processing

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Semantic Multimedia Analysis and Processing

Semantic Multimedia Analysis and Processing (Digital Imaging and Computer Vision) by Evaggelos Spyrou, Dimitris Iakovidis and Phivos Mylonas
English | 2014 | ISBN: 1466575492 | 555 pages | PDF | 24,5 MB

Broad in scope, Semantic Multimedia Analysis and Processing provides a complete reference of techniques, algorithms, and solutions for the design and the implementation of contemporary multimedia systems.
Offering a balanced, global look at the latest advances in semantic indexing, retrieval, analysis, and processing of multimedia, the book features the contributions of renowned researchers from around the world. Its contents are based on four fundamental thematic pillars: 1) information and content retrieval, 2) semantic knowledge exploitation paradigms, 3) multimedia personalization, and 4) human-computer affective multimedia interaction. Its 15 chapters cover key topics such as content creation, annotation and modeling for the semantic web, multimedia content understanding, and efficiency and scalability.
Fostering a deeper understanding of a popular area of research, the text:
• Describes state-of-the-art schemes and applications
• Supplies authoritative guidance on research and deployment issues
• Presents novel methods and applications in an informative and reproducible way
• Contains numerous examples, illustrations, and tables summarizing results from quantitative studies
• Considers ongoing trends and designates future challenges and research perspectives
• Includes bibliographic links for further exploration
• Uses both SI and US units
Ideal for engineers and scientists specializing in the design of multimedia systems, software applications, and image/video analysis and processing technologies, Semantic Multimedia Analysis and Processing aids researchers, practitioners, and developers in finding innovative solutions to existing problems, opening up new avenues of research in uncharted waters.

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